A new report from UKG shows that only 48% of companies are appropriately staffed in line with production and revenue, leaving 52% disproportionally staffed in their workforces compared to company needs. Revenue has increased at least somewhat over last year, for nearly 4 out of every 5 manufacturing companies, with 33% reporting significant revenue increases. Yet at the same time, 45% of companies in the manufacturing industry have reported production delays at least once a week, due to staffing hurdles they cannot overcome. Leading us to the question, “How much money is being left on the table?” due to staffing issues.

If those companies who reported that they are dealing with staffing issues evaluated their needs and adapted, they could eliminate the repeating delays in production week after week. The report also notes that 76% of employers “are struggling to fill critical labor gaps”. The biggest struggles that manufacturers are facing in 2023 are: 1) Finding a candidate with the right amount of experience in the field.  2) Finding a candidate with the right skill set 3) Maintaining a consistent and strong network of talent 4) Finding a candidate who has or is able to acquire the right certifications for a position 5) Finding candidates who want to work for the company.

When finding talent either internally or through another avenue isn’t working, it isn’t time to just give up and accept it isn’t able to be fixed. Trotter Workforce has placed countless candidates with numerous manufacturing companies around the country. With a robust, vetted, and qualified talent pool of candidates who want to workday in and day out, a Trotter Workforce is the step many companies need to begin producing more product and more revenue.

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